Display Motion Technologies - interactive advertising displays - motion and voice recognition - Microsoft Kinect

Who are we and
what do we do?

Display Motion Technologies is an innovative company offering a unique product.

Using motion and voice recognition, we develop interactive advertising displays, that are different and fun. Visual concepts and contents differ depending on the corporate image and customer needs. The possibilities are endless, our creativity is limitless!

In the era of new media and "gamification", you can stand out by acquiring an extraordinary marketing tool.

An innovative marketing tool.

Our system consisting of three modules including an HDTV, which detects movement and voice in order to create an immersive experience.

Through its standard Internet connection, the system can receive changes and updates remotely. In addition, it analyzes visitor traffic and generates several statistics in order to produce periodic reports.

The choice of brand, quality and size of the TV is left to the discretion of clients. The terminals can be integrated into all structures, store windows, booths, displays, etc.

A successfull delivery,
a new satisfied client!
Published Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The terminal installed at the restaurant La Bête
in Quebec City is a great success. The software works perfectly, the design reflects the client's corporate image, the motion recognition is excellent, the experience is fun, need we
say more!

The client is more than satisfied! The media
will soon be invited to a meeting to present
the project.

Featured Project: La Bête Bar-Steakhouse

Here is a video taken on site. It shows you the final result in real-life action.